May We Suggest…

You know, anyone can criticize.

The other night, as our little confederacy of real estate artisans was sitting around kibitzing about the “Shat” at the “Fed,” we realized that we need to heed the advice we see on all those bumper stickers in the Wholefoods “Parking Lot of Death”—we need to “be” the change we want to see in this world.

So here’s our little plan—every week or so, we’re going to serve up some ideas to make this town even more special than it is already. So without further ado, here’s the first installment of…


Recently, the local Bureau of Boosterism came up with a new slogan for our fair city (see below). As noted by other (swollen) members of the local blogosphere, it met with a decidedly lukewarm response from some quarters. It also cost over 60 large!

Now, we creative class-ers know a thing or two about “branding.” So here, free of charge, is our expert advice on totally in-the-moment “mind share grabbers” for the Bull City.

May We Suggest…New Slogans

Hey ‘Shatters! Now it’s your turn! Put on your best focus group thinking cap and offer your own suggestions for new slogans in the comments!

The winner gets a special Bullsh@t “key fob” or other “nifty doodad.”


8 Responses to May We Suggest…

  1. Celeste says:

    Durham – Where the Elite Meet to Slum It

    dook hoops still = felching

  3. Dead Bastard says:

    Durham – It’s not as scary if you’re drunk!

  4. toieshat says:

    Durham – The Milk Chocolate City

    Durham – Where Great Things Could Happen But Probably Won’t

    Durham – We Still Want Oprah!

  5. Thalmus Rasulala says:

    What’s Happening!! in Durham.

  6. Blazer Manpurse, BFA says:

    Thalmus Rasulala, now that is an obscure-ass reference! Maybe Blacula bit him and he’s arisen from the grave…

  7. DC says:

    You’ll need that tetanus shot

  8. Ahenobarbus says:

    Home of the Transitional Neighborhood

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