Jason from Marketing weighs in.

Guys, this’ll work for you.

I know your “Blog” is only a week old, but hear me when I tell you this: the hype machine waits for no man. You gotta get the buzz. The ‘net is cute, but what I’m talking about is taking it to to a whole new level.



Durham Shat Yourself

I’m telling you guys, this’ll work.

(apologies to the oh-so-patient folks at 305 South Anti-Mall)


3 Responses to Jason from Marketing weighs in.

  1. toieshat says:

    I thought this was a website to get a Bull’s Hat.

  2. Blazer Manpurse, BFA says:

    D’oh! Another money making opportunity missed. Maybe I can sell the URL for big buck$

  3. Thalmus Rasulala says:

    I can help you sell the website. I know people who know people. I sold my website – http://www.thalmusrasulala.com – for $11. Of course, that all went to Mama for Rog and Dee’s child support…

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