Durham totems

(first of a series)

The cow was bright and happy and was chewing something.
I think it was definitely telepathic like it was speaking to me.



(click ’em to enlarge)


6 Responses to Durham totems

  1. toieshat says:

    “Eat mor chikin!”

  2. Phil says:

    We used to call this the Cow Store. Now do we have to call it Tienda La Vaca? In any case, the food is better now.

  3. Luther Blissett says:

    Hit cow, win taco?

  4. Marianne says:

    Phil, I think it IS called that now, for reals. I like the spotlights on the roof, though I can’t say I’ve seen them in action. Illuminate the cow!

  5. My uncle, a lifelong Durhamite, tells stories about the cow stores. He says there were a few of ’em around town. There was one on Roxboro Rd. near the intersection with Murray Ave. I remember it still being there in the ’70s and ’80s when I visited my grandparents house on Murray. The way my uncle tells it, the guy who ran that store was a piece of work, and did not endear himself to his patrons. My uncle remembers kids pulling a scam on the man by surreptitiously pilfering returned soda bottles and then re-returning them for the bottle deposit money. His customers were wise to this scam but he was so disliked that no one clued him in. The other story he tells about that cow store is one of a local wino who kept his bottles out back of the store. One winter day the guy’s bottle was frozen to the ground. Not to be denied he fetched a straw, uncorked the bottle, laid down, stuck the straw in the bottle, and commenced to have a drink in relaxing style. I love the cow stores and it makes me happy that this one persists as a taqueria. I think it is perfectly Durm that it is across the street from one of the town’s swankiest joints, FourSquare restaurant. Long live the cow stores! Thanks for the photos, and thanks for tweaking the Bull City blog world.

  6. ms pedalphile says:

    durham is proud of its anatomically correct bovine. i would like to know how our bull stacks up against wall street’s.

    if barbie was manufactured in the bull city her breast would have nipples complete with matching areola. with a durham made barbie you would know if the carpet matched the drapes.

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