Crazy Italian Night

…no, it’s not a gathering of my old girlfriends, it’s a “unique” (and totally “free”) film show from the wacky Durham Cinematheque this Saturday, April 28, at dusk, at West Village.

Derm CulchaThese are the folks that used to show movies outside of Joe & Jo’s last summer. Since that grassy knoll is still strewn with construction debris, I guess they’ve moved to the more upscale environs of the original tobakky condos.

Anyway, this show promises gladiators, dinosaurs, clips and bits from eye-talian travelogues, feature films, possibly a cartoon, and long, lingering lascivious looks at Sophia Loren, hubba hubba. Bring a bottle of the sauce (red, natch) and check out the magic. Now that the Starlite is probably gone for good, this is our only chance to booze it up in the great outdoors in front of flickering images together.


2 Responses to Crazy Italian Night

  1. the pastafarians have been protesting TOSCA for 3 years. honor the giant spaghetti monster friday night at the anti-mall. t305 south has the official commemorative sh@t pretzle or pretzle sh@t available at the electric blender.

    while you’re at it you can try some over priced “i’m not a hipster” hipster rags. but don’t worry about the price plastic is always accepted.

    relax in your new $95.00 pink polyester tuxedo jacket at the anti-coffee cafe sipping the house blend–crap of joe.

    i love the anti-mall. the place where trustafarians feel good about consumerism.

  2. allen says:

    Speaking of Starlite, Barry Saunders can eat it. Apparently it was the last place black people and white people could “get together” in Durham without confrontation. I mean it’s true…I just couldn’t talk to black people unless I was at Starlite…

    After reading I saw black and white kids playing at Walltown Park.

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