Why I love this frickin’ town #398



12 Responses to Why I love this frickin’ town #398

  1. Lisa B says:

    Is that a dead body under the blanket in front of the dumpster?

  2. Blazer Manpurse, BFA says:

    Yeah, I think it’s actually be the aforementioned “S.O.B.,” who finally learned his lesson.

  3. barry says:

    lisa b took the words right off of my keyboard. Not that dumping is a capital offense, but i can think of several folks who i would not shed a tear for if i were to learn they had been found under that rug.

    Blazer – check your email. We’d hate to have to go to our “B” list.

  4. Soledad O'Brien says:

    I’m so sorry, Durham!

  5. Wow, THE Soledad O’Brien of the CNN TV News Channel?!?!

    Are you in town to check out the new “Irish” bar?

  6. Soledad O'Brien says:

    No, actually I’m here on Blazer’s behalf. I’m going to talk to Ronnie Sturdivant and see if I, as a successful, affable African-American woman, might suffice as a replacement for Oprah.

  7. American Ta-back-HO says:

    We Want Soledad!

    Does he have enough windows? I say it has a nice beat and you can dance to it so it works for me.

  8. Soledad O'Brien says:

    I’ve got lots of time on my hand now that CNN dumped me from the AM show for that super perky former-Fox…personality…Kiran Chetry. I had another label in mind, but I am a lady…

  9. toieshat says:

    Good for you, Soledad! Durham doesn’t need Oprah.

  10. American Ta-back-HO says:

    Wait just a minute Soledad! I saw you in L.A. today at a big protest waving your street cred all over that town like it could buy you a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes.

    Damn you get around.

  11. Julie Hoover says:

    Hey! that’s the dumpster over by my old house. I used to use it to give directions.

    The other side says, “No EL PASO!”

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