Durham totems

(third in a series)

I feel as though I am being watched. I glance over at the old man again, but he has turned away, is sitting hunched and miserable over the fire. Who else then?

Durham totem-kilroy small

Durham totem-kilroy 3 small

(click ’em to embiggen)


2 Responses to Durham totems

  1. toieshat says:

    Try telling this poor guy that great things are happening in Durham. He’s terrified…

  2. Dead Bastard says:

    I’ve heard of drug control measures where you put up big signs saying “This area being watched!” and stuff like that that would mildly confused the unintoxicated, but freak out the easily spooked crackhead. I wonder if this is that kind of thing.

    Wait, maybe they ARE watching me….

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