Mission Accomplished

Mission Accomplished, mofos


3 Responses to Mission Accomplished

  1. raincoaster says:

    Sweet. How do I get in on that Lambo bonus program?

  2. saij says:

    This is a comment to check if we can still comment on one anothers blogs. Here goes …

  3. Rusty Bedsprings says:

    Whoa, I don’t get that comment, but check out Saij:

    Saij is the new sound of Soul. His music is a mix of Prince and Ben
    Harper, with a bit of Lenny Kravitz thrown in for good measure.

    It’s Roots music with a Distortion peddle. It’s Acoustic Guitar and
    Drum Machines. It’s Hair Rock and Gospel Harmonies.

    The quality of the commenters is really going up around here.

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