Manpurse Rising

I am so excited, y’all.

I guess there was this rinky-dink deli or something downtown, and, like, my “friends” (wink wink) the landlords kicked ’em out to make way for the “new” Derm (I mean, come on, their sandwiches were, like, names of Durham streets for crying out loud—how provincial can you get? What’s wrong with “Subway combo #4”???).

So, anyway, since my buddies know I have a real vision for the downtown “nightlife scene,” they’ve given me the building to do with as I please.

Here’s the preliminary concept, and it’s wood-inducing if I do say so myself:

Cracky’s McIrish World

And, holy crap, just wait till you see our plans for the Starlite Drive-In!

Progress is on the move!


13 Responses to Manpurse Rising

  1. toieshat says:

    My favorite sandwich was the Southpoint Auto Drive.

  2. Kevin Davis says:

    I’m laughing so hard at that Photoshop gif I could cry. Though the closing of the Deli is worth crying about. Good one.

  3. Lisa B says:

    Oh, that’s Photoshopped? Dang, I was getting really excited about another new “Irish” pubbery opening up. Shoot, Raleigh’s got three, so we’re one behind.

  4. i hope they put something in there like Rob’s Place. (That’s where Raj and Dwayne and Rerun used to hang out and get burgers from Shirley; hilarity ensued).

  5. Wouldn’t be surprised if Guajillos was slated to get jacked up next for some crepes and caviar. Word.

  6. durham’s new vision is great. i’m talking vision not the “DeeVision” of the durham’s past.

    we need more places where white people from raleigh and cary can feel comfortable and safe.

    Irish Pub screams “White People Welcome”. If more white people come downtwon then Durham’s black community will know how cool we are.

  7. @Ms Pedalphile (name reminds of the Gordon Jump episode of Diff’rent Strokes, by the way) – I would like to feel welcome at the Irish Pub, too. At Jo & Joe’s (or Joe & Jo’s?), you could be black, white, purple, gay, straight, or friggin ALF and feel welcome.

  8. toieshat says:

    Wow, Gordon Jump and the very-special-episode…takes me back…

    Blazer’s vision reminds me of O’Sheas Casino in Vegas.

  9. Dead Bastard says:

    IT’S BEAUTIFUL! IT’S MAGNIFI-CENT! It screams AUTHENTICITY with a capital C! It reminds me of all the PUB-ERTY back in dear old IRISHIA!

    More COWBELL, please!

  10. Joe says:

    How about a Pirate pub? Pirates have big swords, so *everyone* can feel safe there. And if anyone f$sks up, well, we make ’em walk the plank! Arrr!

  11. Dead Bastard says:

    Dude. Seriously. Why is there no Pirate pub in this fucking town? That would be way better than another round of tastefully decorated green bathrooms with fun retro Irish pictures for Duke students to puke in.

    Someone go close down the Grade D but Edible meat market in the Down Under and start serving Dark and Stormies. This ol’ Bastard’ll be in there…

  12. The Countess Von Whizbang LaToot says:

    The Down Under’s food may be grade D, but I’d still take their wings over Bully McMicks.

  13. Joe says:

    Um, I don’t think wings are the kind of meat Mr. Bastard is referring to….

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