Get crackin’

No big update today kids (even we creative classers gotta work sometimes), but you’ve got until Sunday night to get your submission in for the “What should the Oprah building say next” contest below.

CobbyThe winner will receive their very own miniature Jimmy-Crack-Corncob Pipe, courtesy of the greatest store known to mankind, Sam’s Blue Light, purveyor of beerage, pipeage, and even “Pong” balls (can someone please tell me what the heck those are for-?).

Until next time…keep smokin’.


2 Responses to Get crackin’

  1. KFC says:

    Unfortunately, yeah, I can tell you what those “pong” balls are for. Spend five minutes at a frat party (or any party in a tiny VA college town) and you’ll learn the fierce art of Beer Pong. It’s like quarters, but bigger…and more disgusting…and with teams.

  2. Lisa B says:

    Ah … quarters. I remember long ago when I was a fresh-faced young exchange student, my contribution to global understanding was teaching the Chileans to play quarters …

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