We want it all

What a tough decision…there were lots of truly great entries in the “What should the Oprah building say next” competition, (maybe Mr. Sturdivant would consider a weekly rotation of catchy slogans or something), but the cabal has spoken. Your winner, submitted by KFC, is the Parliament-ary:

We want the funk!!!

The judges credited it for the obvious “having a good beat and being easy to dance to,” and also for dovetailing nicely with our nostalgic pining for the gritty downtown Derm of yesteryear.

While the good colonel will get a genu-wine corncob pipe in which to smoke “ambacco” or whatever, the judges also felt that another entry, submitted by comfortably-dead actor Thalmus Rasulala, deserved a runner-up prize of two chalky white “Pong” balls for this bit of inspired nonsequiturism:

We want Dick!!!

So that’s how you roll? Count us in.


5 Responses to We want it all

  1. popthecap says:

    We want Tyra!

    crap. I’m too late.

  2. Joe says:

    Damn my slack-ass blog following!

    “We Want to Be Committed!”

  3. toieshat says:

    I was googling Dick Cavett, and I found that he’s the voice of Courtyard by Marriott ads. Given Cavett’s relationship with Marriott, perhaps there is a legitimate reason for him to come to town one of these days.

  4. I’d like to see the Carolina Rollergirls have a crack at him, personally.

  5. DC says:

    The CCB plaza would be a great venue for that.

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