The future: you’re soaking in it

So, check this out:

“The Present”

“The Future”

That’s right, people. The developers of the original blue glass monster wanna do it again…and this time, it’s personal!

The Renaissance at Durham Centre (Anglophile spelling of course connotes class—just ask the adjacent Cakkalakky Theatre) will offer “uniformed security,” “white glove service,” and, you’ll be happy to know, “Each residence is thoughtfully equipped with a washer and dryer.”

I love the logic, of course, and you know what I’m gonna say next: hell, why stop at two? That design works at so many levels, so let’s all live in 80s-retro blue glass abominations! Or, as a wise man once said, “Shit yeah, Raymond, pour the fuckin’ beer!”

“The Super-Excellent Future”


15 Responses to The future: you’re soaking in it

  1. Joe says:

    Can’t we put a gang uniform on the, um, aircraft? I think that would make it more racially inclusive. And maybe another BV quotation would be more appropriate for TRaDC: “Don’t look at me, Fuck!”

  2. toieshat says:

    I didn’t check out the detailed plans today, but if they’re the same as they were a few months ago, top-floor penthouses are going to go for a couple million dollars. And the regular condos probably start at 500-600K.

    I’m SURE that families looking at new 3500 sq ft homes in Brier Creek will consider a similarly priced home in Durham Centre, to be close to all the great things happening, even if it means a slight (70%) reduction in square footage.

  3. GK says:

    Love the Vittenberg Zeppelin. Considering his Hindenberg-ian success rate, I think you should add a Florida Creditors biplane in hot pursuit.

  4. Another naive pollyanna says:

    The sad thing is, someone got paid to write that stuff! Someone actually told a writer to put household appliances and emotion into the same sentence. Geez.

  5. DTH says:

    Something tells me that hiring a pro writer did not occur to them:

    And while the neighborhood offers a wealth of wonderful restaurants, a top rated and recognized restaurant is destined to be just an elevator ride away on the lobby floor of the Renaissance at Durham Centre. Imagine enjoying world class dining – without leaving the building. You may choose to dine in this extremely fine restaurant – or have the same menu served in your own home.

    “extermely fine,” damn. You’d think that with all the creative class types in town they would have a web site with copy and design that did not look like it was done by the office manager between answering phone calls.

  6. Dead Bastard says:

    Fuck yeah! It looks just like the Florida coastline! Where do we install the ocean?

  7. JDC says:

    They’re not seriously going ahead with this are they? The site said groundbreaking in late 2007 – can it be true? Do we really need another 15-story 1980’s-style abomination in the heart of Durham?

  8. Dead Bastard says:

    On another note, did anyone else wonder about what “white glove service” entailed? Specifically, what “services” would be offered?

    Maybe Wittenburg has a clue after all…

  9. Uncle Mike says:

    There’s a lot of things you could do with glove… especially while looking out your windows….

  10. allen says:

    I like what Durham can do without littering itself with skyscrapers. However, I figured that the next one would have some great importance, like the NC Biotechnology center moving, or something of that importance. I also thought it would be something a little more architectually imaginative. Not this.

  11. The Countess Von Whizbang LaToot says:

    Have you ever actually been in the existing center? The lobby is more desolate than Main Street on a Saturday night. You’d think they’d want tenants in the first building before they start building another.

  12. Rah says:

    I’m appalled. With two p’s.

  13. Who on earth is going to pay half a million bucks to live in that building? Urf.

  14. I always thought our one tower was charming. Quaint. I thought it made us like those towns in Europe, like Vienna, where they had meant to put two towers on the cathedral but ran out of money after one. Oh well.

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