Falwell lays a doozie

Insert fart noise hereThe lawyers say we can’t tell you too much now, but we can report that the Right Reverend met his maker while in the middle of a telephone interview with representatives of a certain scatalogical “Blog.”

Showing a surprising familiarity with the goings on in a sleepy college town known more for its “lacrosse” than “The Cross,” Falwell expounded at length on “positive developments” his dutiful minions have been “monitoring” in Bullsville.

“We’ve finally broken down the wall between church and bar,” he noted. “And that really has a lot of potential for converting the drunken sodomites of your town.”

“But what I’m most excited about is the upcoming Evangelical Food Revival that will be taking place on May 26. I understand they’ve moved it out of the filthy city center and into a more family-friendly venue on the outskirts of civilization,” he wheezed. “That’s brilliant thinking. May God strike me down if that isn’t the greatest ide–”

The conversation ended at that point with an abrupt “thud,” however, our dutiful scribes report that the audio tape of the conversation clearly indicates that the Pillar of Virtue’s final words were something to the effect of “Why is it so hot in here? And what am I doing in this handbasket?”


5 Responses to Falwell lays a doozie

  1. Joe says:

    I think the technical term for Mr. Falwell’s, um, passing is that he “laid an Elvis.”

  2. Toastie says:

    I’d like to think that Falwell “took the Jesus slide“.

  3. barry says:

    i like the Bull McCabe button. Where can i get one?

  4. i think the rumor has it wrong.
    farwell’s face looks too much like gigi cestone’s in the episode “he is risen”. the question now is “who will take over the business?”

  5. Joe: They didn’t call it “The Passion of the Jerry” for nothing.

    Toastie: Now that’s what I call a poop chute.

    Barry: Perhaps them buttons may be available at an up-and-coming “beauty pageant” featuring a lot of nice beavers…

    Ms. P: There is always an heir apparent.

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