Cultural Apotheosis Weekend

Derm CulchaJust when you thought the scene around here was looking more barren than the former Heart of Durham site, just look at the explosion of “shit to do” we’ve got this weekend. No excuse for internet porn, you nerds.

Of course, tonight is the famous “THIRD FRIDAY!” “CULTURE CRAWL!” Battle of the Network Stars. But whatever you call it, there’s everything from a letterpress show at der Bull City Arts Collective to bands and poster art at the Anti-Mall (tell ’em Ms. Pedalphile sent you) to some kinda anti-movie movie experience called WINKY from Jim “They Call Me Mello” Kellough unspooling across from the Farmer’s Market. You have been warned.

Hippycloth babyAnd speaking of the Farmer’s Market, if you haven’t checked it out in the new digs, well, you’re a turd. Saturday mornings they’ve got everything from greens to soap made out of god-knows-what, and they’ve even nailed the demographic perfectly by offering Central American babies too (hippiecloth onesie $39.95 extra).


Don’t forget the Bimbe!

Don’t let the presence of a lot of black people scare you away from the Bimbé Cultural Arts Festival at the old Durham Bulls park on Saturday and Sunday (I know you creative classers get jittery when you’re out of your element). This year the theme is “It’s a Family Reunion,” and there will be soul, hip-hop, jazz, spoken word, and a disturblingly high number of Christian performers for a City-sponsored event, but what the hey. Crafts and village for the kiddies too.


BOB, clown!

And if you’ve ever doubted the synergy we’re creating in Bullsville with our Cultural-Industrial Complex, look no further than the snickeringly-named Corporate Battle of the Bands (warning: most annoying web site ever) happening at the Wakky Tobakky on Saturday night. And yeah, I know it’s a charity event; shut up and let me snark already.


10 Responses to Cultural Apotheosis Weekend

  1. Joe says:

    Snark away — I didn’t know WTF it was supposed to be when I first saw the TCBOTB sign. Name sounds dumb, but I guess they want to scare away all those pesky musicians who can’t come up with corporate $pon$or$hip.


    (The house is a little tiny construction from the KB home people that’s being auctioned off for charity during the CBOTB. I can’t decide if it is meant as a tree house for the elite offspring of the Corporate people who’ll be bringing their blazers and manpurses to Ambacco Saturday night, or if it’s going to be turned into a homeless shelter or what).

  3. Have you seen the “viral marketing” downtown?

    Suitcoats with the legend “Prepare for Battle” emblazoned on the back in that annoying neon green hung randomly from trees, fences, etc.

    I can’t wait to see the homeless guys walking around in those.

  4. I just got back from the ‘crawl, and as you can see, I’m not satisfied enough with the evening not to read blogs. Put on my longjohns and took my folding chair and hunkered down at WINKY. Marveled at the sharp images there. The man behind the curtain was using multiple slide projectors, no hipster-doofus digital projection, no sir. Renewed my faith in my 4-year old glasses prescription. Was meeting some other folks, but they wussed out ’cause of the cold and left. So I went with someone else over to Bull City HQ where, I could not believe, the creative class was well represented at the corner of Handgun and Crackoration. They are sterner folk than I for planting roots where I have merely passed through on frantic drives to places of work. And there was this band, Watercolors I think they were, that actually had melody and harmony . . . something you can hardly get on Ninth or Franklin, let alone at THAT intersection.

  5. Uncle Mike says:


    Hell I thought they bringin in one o’ them Yogrut places Spellin curtsy of them WacDonald nuts you talked about a while back that Nifong will be working with.

  6. barry ragin says:

    Have you seen the “viral marketing” downtown?

    Suitcoats with the legend “Prepare for Battle” emblazoned on the back in that annoying neon green hung randomly from trees, fences, etc.

    with those gold buttons, i thought they looked rather like blazers, myself.

  7. Phil says:

    So I went to BCHQ this weekend for fish fry and music — where was Blazer?

    AND I went to Bimbe — still no luck.



  8. Oh, but I saw you, friend. I’m like frikkin’ Tom Joad over here.

  9. i sold my baby to a guatemalan lesbian. guatemala city’s chamber of commerce was hoping to increase the popularity of the thursday street market. consultants suggested the durham farmers market model.

    now i can afford all the culture derm has to offer. i’m going to sell me another. this time to chine.

  10. Joe says:

    Viral marketing. Pshaw. They wish. The virus that comes to mind is HSV-1. Now this thing — well, there’s some viral marketing for ya. Thing is like Ebola, man. I know I’m infected.

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