Things that vaguely terrify me

(second in a series)

Bunny (small)

(click for bigger horror)


13 Responses to Things that vaguely terrify me

  1. allen says:

    The same things used to scare me as a kid. Sketches on Unsolved Mysteries and the music. Some photos scared me after I saw “It.”

  2. weege says:

    That bunny has always scared me.

  3. Toastie says:

    Does Bunny make anything except for white bread? If I could get a loaf of Jewish Rye for 39 cents, that would be sweet.

  4. Joe says:

    What’s with the single tooth? That bread must be bad for his dental hygiene.

  5. Ah yes, but that’s how Bunny gets you–the “39 cent” ploy. Notice how Bunny has tried to cover up the “39 cents” with red spray paint, but has left it just visible enough that it entices you to come in.

    Then Bunny gets plausible deniability as well as a chance to sell you really rank bread rolls.

  6. Fuck all y’all hatin’ on the bunny. How many of you have been inside?

    Everyone knows that this makes a great stop on the way to the town dump; you can’t beat the $0.79 two pounder of texas toast, and yes they have focaccia for you bobo types.

  7. Toastie says:


    Their website (well, the website of their parent company Flower Foods) says:

    “Breads: Giant, Thin Sliced, Texas Giant, Texas Toast, King, Bar-B-Q, Old Fashioned, Big, Extra Thin, Round Top, Sandwich White

    Buns and Rolls: Hamburger Buns, Hot Dog Buns, Sandwich Rolls, French Rolls, Brown & Serve Rolls, Brown & Serve Vienna Rolls, Heat & Serve Rolls, Mini French Rolls, Dinner Rolls”

    And, no, I have not been inside. If they’ve got Mrs. Freshley’s Jumbo Honey Buns, I’ll check it out…

  8. Uncle Mike says:

    C’mon kids, it’s a happy little floating bodyless rabbit head with only one tooth receiving an acupuncture treatment. What could possibly be vaguely terrifying about that?

  9. I will admit that I didn’t go in when I took the picture, but I got some kickass pear butter from a dude selling stuff in the parking lot.

    Pear butter, you read that right.

    Uncle Mike, my phobia probably started because of being locked in your basement with all those stuffed animals of yours…

  10. Phil says:

    When I was but a pup, I saw a lot of Bunny Bread ads on TV (but my family bought from the Merita discount outlet, instead). Now, Bunny makes me think of Donnie Darko. A movei that I didn’t “get” but don’t manage to forget, either.

  11. Should the Blaze ever venture eastward from our fair city, he might encounter another entry in the Hall of Fame of Horrid Logos: the Scotchman convience stores logo. I would link to it here, but apparently the parent company is so ashamed of it that they have either, blessedly, changed it or simply disguise it for online consumption:

    The original is a badly-drawn, wide-jawed fellow in a tam o’shanter with a lascivious wink.

    The Scottish are apparently known for their thriftiness. Interesting how some ethnic stereotypes are socially acceptable and others are not: a convenience store called “The Cheap Jew” would probably not be so casually accepted even in our hyper-christian red state.

  12. Joe says:

    The Scotchman stores used to be even worse: I remember a commercial with a guy in a kilt wandering through a store, extolling its virtues. The stores look much less “ethnic” now.

  13. Let’s not forget the brief period when Sambo’s Restaurants considered changing their name to Bob’s Jew Boy.

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