Lunchtime, East Durham

Hotdog Country

Hotdog Country wide


14 Responses to Lunchtime, East Durham

  1. Is that why North Carolna license plates have switched to red typeface?

  2. Sonja Foust says:

    Heh, frank you for the giggle.

  3. Hey, where is this joint? I’m hungry for the kind of food I won’t find at tonight’s soirée for the creative classes.

  4. DC says:

    “Come on Earl, quite pickin’ your ass”

  5. i believe you caught a local promise keepers meet up.

  6. Joe says:

    I believe the promise keepers photo is the one in the next post — the one titled “Shameless self-delusion.”

    So where the hell is this place? I could do with a good hot dog — no, um, bullhockey.

  7. To tell you the truth, I just pointed the Caddy due east and started driving, so I don’t remember exactly where this is. Angier Ave, maybe? Somebody help a Manpurse out…

  8. I think it’s at Angier and Hoover by the tracks….

  9. Joe says:

    I’m like so there tomorrow: Friday is Hot Dog Day!

  10. Whoa Joe, and let’s hope the Beaver Lodge doesn’t read the bottom of Page 0054.

  11. Wait a minute. Isn’t this the old Parker’s restaurant building? The old gas station? Used to have windows coated with grease? You could be really doing poorly in your classes and go there and not feel so bad. And Mr. Parker made the best banana pudding. And when you paid at the register, he always said, “I hope you’re not going away hungry.”

  12. Oh wait, I know. I just pooped and figured it out. This is the old gas station that was next to Parker’s, where one would often park when going to Parker’s. Okay. Back to your regularly scheduled programming.

  13. Joe says:

    Dude, don’t start talking about Parkers: I’ll get all teary ‘n’ stuff. 2 words: hush puppies.

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