Graffiti may be gang related

Graffiti reports are on the rise around the Triangle, and I thought I’d better get this one in. There have been some spray-painted “tags” popping up downtown, and we’re not doing ourselves any favors by just “hoping the problem will go away.” These are the results of gangs, people. And it’s time we admitted it.

Downtown graffiti

The “tag” at left is for a gang called “the Dox,” whose signature color is black. They’re a bunch of outside agitators known to swarm the Civic Center Plaza at regular intervals and completely obliterate all available cell phone bandwidth.

On the right is the latest iteration of the symbol for the “G-nasher$,” easily identifiable by their blue hair and seersucker bandanas. Some feel this group is more harmless, as it is more selective, rarely interacting with common folk. However, they’re well known as the “behind the scenes” power in this town. Approach at your peril.

I’m not sure what we can do about this, but when “these people” 1) just feel it’s “okay” to deface public property and 2) get away with it with impunity (the Dox tag has been there over two years now), I think we need to admit we’ve got a problem.

If this filth isn’t removed as quickly as it is in other parts of town, just think of the ramifications—these hooligans might keep congregating in the city center, or, worse yet, even start living there.


6 Responses to Graffiti may be gang related

  1. africandreams says:

    So, I guess it is okay for anyone to go and spray paint Durham as long as it is in the name of “art”? SWEET. I know what’s I’m doing tonight.

  2. Tom Tancredo says:

    No, it’s not okay for anyone to spray paint…it has to be IN ENGLISH! I think that excludes most gang stuff.

  3. the graffiti is really bad in this town. it looks like some home fries tagged the entire glendale/markham traffic circle with sidewalk chalk. the circle is full of gang signs.

  4. Joe says:

    The traffic circle is like Samuel Delany’s unlicensed sector, where people do what they want, and the neighborhood is thereby improved. Hell, people even dump their industrial waste there, and no one cares.

    Well, almost no one. Fuckheads.

    “Home fries”? Never heard that one. But I like it.

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