Capitalizing on Our Strengths

It was a hotly contested…er…contest this time, thanks for the many wonderful entries.

Bullsville’s got a lot of sloganific qualities to capitalize upon: its newfound “Irish”-ness, its predilection for Oprah, its quality booty, even its steadfastly turgid bloggers. But Durham Autophagia takes home the prize this time for his contemporary spin on some boosterism from yesteryear:

May We Suggest…Tearin’ Shit Down

The Durham County Library gets credit for the original sign image, which can be seen in its historic geographic context at Autophagia’s renowned blog.


3 Responses to Capitalizing on Our Strengths

  1. lisa b says:

    We still want Oprah.

  2. Toastie says:

    I guess Truth, Beauty, Freedom, and Love were already taken.

    Wow, there’s even a shadow. That’s some dedication.

  3. Dead Bastard says:

    I think you’ve got a typo in the first sentence there. Shouldn’t it read, “It was hot contestants this time?” Or maybe that’s that beaver thing… I get so confused.

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