Pardon me for guffawing

Be very afraid, Dermites.

I have seen the future, and it is being marketed in Raleigh. “West at North,” a new residential condo funhouse in GlenSo, has a silly web site (complete with stupid “whooshing” noise, 3D flybys, insipid announcer, etc), but their print ads are really something special.

Let’s break down the colorful notice that appeared in last week’s Independent Weekly and see if there are any clues about the intended demographic, shall we?
Pardon me for puking

Sigh. Our time is coming…

8 Responses to Pardon me for guffawing

  1. Joe says:

    So Raleigh has engaged in so much sprawl that they now have to market to the people who hate the sprawl they made? Yeah, it feels so much better when I stop hitting my head with a hammer.

  2. D-Roll says:

    Great deconstruction. Pardon me for stealing your girlfriend, dude — she might like your pool, but everyone knows Durham has better drugs.

  3. Toastie says:

    Thanks for tackling the “Pardon Me For Living” campaign. I was going to cancel my subscription to The Independent for running that obnoxious full-page ad for them every week…although the pic with the girl and her boob hanging out is kinda amusing.

    (Oh, yeah, the Indy is free…and I voluntarily read it…and there’s no other newspaper published out of Durham that covers Durham…)

  4. how urban hip can they really be if they don’t even mention “fuck pad”?

  5. Lisa B says:

    Now I know what I miss by not reading the Indy every week. I try, but I usually fall asleep on the Front Porch.

  6. JDC says:

    Yeah, we need a developer who cuts out the bullshit and instead of giving the place some ambiguous directional name (West at North? At Glenwood South? Huh?) they should just call ’em The Fuck Pads at (insert neighborhood/district here).

  7. Mr Style says:

    Shat–great ad deconstruction. Their radio ads on UNC/NPR aren’t much better. It sounds even more idiotic when read out loud — try it — “west at north at glenwood south”. hey, where’s the word “east” while yer at it?

    ah, the Indy. they take ad revenue from raleigh businesses and give little raleigh cultural coverage in return (except for anything to do with Kings of course—get ready for that anniversary post-mortem story “One Year Without Kings–Raleigh Rocks On”. Yep,our Robin Hood media model at play. they’re so stupid (or lazy) in raleigh, that they don’t even notice. don’t get me wrong, I LUV DURM, but my friends in raleigh often say “WTF?” with each lopsided edition of the wIndy.

  8. beautiful red says:

    sign up now at it’ Angry advertising—it’s so hip, so now.

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