Black and white and Juneteenth all over

JuneteenthJuneteenth is starting to come into its own as a celebration, which seems like a good thing, but the P.R. about local celebrations hasn’t been the best, so I wanted to draw your attention to not one but two upcoming events.

First, this Saturday, June 16th, is the 3rd Annual Durham Juneteenth Celebration at the Hayti Heritage Center on Fayetteville Street, featuring music, spoken word, food, and of course, martial arts.

Then next Saturday the 23rd, there’s even more competition for the Rock ’em Sock ’em robots below—our neighborhood former plantation Historic Stagville is having its first Juneteenth Celebration, including “costumed actors portraying actual members of the enslaved community at Stagville,” whoa. Also, local string band faves the Carolina Chocolate Drops will perform (thanks to that ever-so-influential-article by the Indy’s Mr. Geary for that tipoff).

Check ’em both out, and let’s start planning the celebrations for January 21, 2009 while we’re at it…


3 Responses to Black and white and Juneteenth all over

  1. D-Roll says:

    dude, how could you not mention the hollerin’ contest this weekend? I’m leaving as soon as I finish mowing the grass; look for the guy in the Duke Lacrosse T-shirt.

  2. Lisa says:


    Did you happen to attend the 2009 Juneteenth event in Durham? I’m trying to put a video piece together for a Durham community paper, and I need to identify some of the individuals in the video. Please call if you did.


  3. Basically want to stress I am thrilled that i stumbled in your website page!.

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