May We Suggest…

PylonThe minutes are flying by ’til the big Downtown Derm Hoo-Hah celebration on Saturday.

Things seem to be shaping up pretty nicely—only a few dozen bricks to stumble over, instead of several thousand, still some “problem areas” here and there, but it looks like once again we’re gonna pull something nice from our collective corn chute.

I’m on board with renaming our new town square, the anachronistically dubbed “CCB Plaza,” something much more fitting with the ex-hippie vibe of this town. So for our purposes we’ll call it the “See, Say, Be Plaza,” hmm? Anyway, stumbling around the SSB earlier, I couldn’t help but notice that there are flag poles prominently placed there. Yes, not just one, not two, not even three—but four (count ’em!), four flag poles, highlighted below.

Four poles

Why so many? Oh come on, gentle reader. Lessee, there’s one for the US flag, the NC flag, maybe the Durham flag, and…and…hmm. I guess I’m stumped too. I don’t know what flag that fourth slot could be intended for—a jolly roger? McDonald’s? The flag of one of our sister cities? One for Elijah? The possibilities are endless. Here’s a few that pop to mind:

May We Suggest…flag edition

And let’s not stop the fun there. Submit your suggestions in the comments by NOON on SATURDAY, and we’ll see if we can’t get it run up the you-know-what in time for the festivities Saturday night.

Pictures are always helpful, of course, and there’s a fabulous prize at stake (a homemade Redman CD I found on the street the other day—broken jewel case and all. How’s that for Durham grit?) Let’s get cracking!


9 Responses to May We Suggest…

  1. lisa b says:

    Durham has a flag?

  2. Oh yeah. Check out page 8 of the city’s official PDF.

    Did you know that the seven stars on the flag are satanic in origin?

  3. Toastie says:

    Well, shat, you already made an Oprah flag…

  4. Phil says:

    Goddamn your Photoshop speed and the Oprah.

    I was thinking, though, maybe a copy of the latest Sturdivant tax foreclosure notice.

  5. allen says:

    Maybe the cover of the most recent Independent?

  6. Here’s a hot entry from the photographically host-challenged Dead Bastard:

  7. Just so as we don’t forget our roots.

  8. Dead Bastard says:

    Thanks for spottin’ me the space, Blazer. My only worry after doing that is that the city might actually use it.

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