Sobering sandwich

June 23, 2007

First off, we’ve got a two-peat “May We Suggest” winner in Derm Autophagia with the utterly charming crack pipe flag. Thanks to all who entered, and look for “Ol’ Cracky” flying high tonight on pole #4.

I just stopped in to grab a bite at the American Hero on Roxboro Street (have you seen their famous miracle, by the way? In the big plexiglass case by the counter? Astounding!) and they had the following leaflets available for the takin’:

Undertaker sandwich

I hope there’s no linkage between the cuisine and the limousine, but now I’m suddenly filled with a strange sense of dread. Good thing I’m off to drink heavily in the garden at the big Derm Rizing party. Liver don’t fail me now!!


House, Durham

June 13, 2007


Lunchtime, East Durham

May 23, 2007

Hotdog Country

Hotdog Country wide

Rust never sleeps

May 18, 2007

(click to embiggen)

Bell’s Used Merchandise (small)

Junk 1-reg

Durham Brazing (small)

Junk 2-reg

Honey’s, 3 a.m.

May 9, 2007

Honey’s, bleary-eyed

Patron 1: They even have damn wi-fi here now.

Patron 2: What the fuck is that?

Patron 1: Something that brings in a lot of assholes.

Why I love this frickin’ town #398

April 30, 2007



April 25, 2007