Why I love this frickin’ town #398

April 30, 2007




April 10, 2007

short busThose frickin’ kids.

Last week, the folks at the Durham DMV office in Northgate Mall had finally figured out how to use their phone system, managed to get all the right “passwords” and what-not punched in, and put a clear, direct, easy-to-understand message on their voice mail. And for a short time, when people called in, they really got the message. It went:

Hello. You have reached the DMV at Northgate. If you thought we answered our phones here, you are retarded. We don’t. So come in if you want to talk.

And then some jerk hacks into the system and changes it to something completely watered-down and useless! Criminy!

The Barreled Gun has the whole story. I might have a couple of details wrong, but jeezis. This just pisses me off.

Why I love this frickin’ town #397

April 10, 2007