Manpurse Rising

May 2, 2007

I am so excited, y’all.

I guess there was this rinky-dink deli or something downtown, and, like, my “friends” (wink wink) the landlords kicked ’em out to make way for the “new” Derm (I mean, come on, their sandwiches were, like, names of Durham streets for crying out loud—how provincial can you get? What’s wrong with “Subway combo #4”???).

So, anyway, since my buddies know I have a real vision for the downtown “nightlife scene,” they’ve given me the building to do with as I please.

Here’s the preliminary concept, and it’s wood-inducing if I do say so myself:

Cracky’s McIrish World

And, holy crap, just wait till you see our plans for the Starlite Drive-In!

Progress is on the move!


Just a bit of the “old sod” if you will

April 9, 2007


I CAN NOT WAIT for the new Irish Bar that’s going into the space that used to be Jo & Joe’s!!! It’s gonna be the GREATEST! It has all the authentic charm of “Irish World” at Epcot Center in sunny Disney World…no wait, the authentic charm of Durham’s “other” downtown, Southpoint Mall!

Just peeking through the window I’m overjoyed by the EXTREME attention to detail. Even the dust on the bar looks imported from “Irish World.” The church pew booths are all the rage…it’s like going to confession—WITH A BEER!

If I’m lucky, maybe they will hire some of those quaint “characters” like a Catholic Priest to diddle me in one of the booths and make me feel “the shame.” Or maybe, when you’ve had too much of the sauce, the bartenders can whack your knuckles with a ruler!

The pipes, the pipes are calling! You wanted it, you got it! MORE phony “Irish”—it’s the new KEWL!